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Why can't I find folders with hats, weapons, etc? Only hairstyles

You will find the hats in the Wardrobe folder and the weapons in the Weapons folder

Sorry, I made a mistake with unpacking somewhere. everything is fine

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Hello , I have purchased the pack 

and i was testing it and found out that items ( swords & hats for example ) does not use the same position and for each item you have to adjust its position manually to fit in the character hand or head .!Ak_9Bo5_PBmRqyRgpTWUAVc-5aJ8?e=aKMAzW

here is a video for this issue, hope there is something we can do to fix it because its a bit hard to test all set of items to adjust their position manually if they are different each time .

looking forward to hear from you .

Hi, this is because some objects are bigger than others, for example there are 32x32px and 32x64px weapons, so when swaping between these two types what you describe happens. You could divide these objects into different groups to better reference their position, to have a clearer idea of the difference in size check the sprite sheets since it is better specified there.

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HI , i like this pack, i have some questions :
1. Do you have an attack animation example ?

2. Does this include a pack for costumes ( head shields, shields, magic hats, 

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Hi, as you will see in the sample images, the package includes a wide variety of helmets, hats and also shields.

However it does not contain attack animations, I answered this question previously, you can consult the previous comments if you need more details about it. On the other hand if you are using unity as the engine, you have the option to purchase the package in the unity asset store where the characters are already assembled and have some sample attack animations.

Here is link

Hi, this pack looks aaaawesome, congratulations!

2 questions though:

1/ It may be obvious, but just to be sure: are all the objects available separately? => weapons, outfits, hair, etc.

(so I can create a customization system in my game, ex: with Spine)

2/ What is animated? The naked character?

Yes, all the objects are separate which allows you to create a wide variety of combinations, the animated part is the body that has idle, walk, run and jump animations, so you would have to join the other parts such as the head and the other accessories/weapons to complete the animations, the package also includes a small guide on how to handle these animations and to create some new ones such as attack animations.

Perfect :) Just purchased this pack.

Thank you

If I purchase this asset pack do I have the right to use it in a project which is for profit or does the project have to be not for profit.

You can use it in any type of project, including commercials.

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Compatible tilesets I can use? Do you have any idea of what I can look for?

I have a set of dungeon tiles but I don't know if this is the enviroment or perspective you're looking for, however any set of tiles that are between 24x24px to 32x32px would work.

Hello, is it possible to get these as spritesheets rather than individual files? For example, I'd like body_idle.png instead of body_idle1.png, body_idle2.png, etc.

As soon as I can I will update with that option and include sprite sheets.


I have already added the sprite sheets, are ready to download in the last update.


Thank you sir. Wonderful assets so far. 

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Hi, those characters are great, and I`ve finally bought this package.

But I want use in other area not for games, I wonder if you can provide larger assets, for example, 128*128 or 256*256. Thanks.


Hi @ligulfzhou, thank you. I can scale the sprites, contact me by discord or by email to make the change, in my profile you will find my data.

Those characters as well as the monster pack are perfect for a dungeon side crawler!

You have the Dungeon tileset with a view from the top, but any chance you could sell a pretty much the same thing but from a side crawler perspective? All three would be an insta-buy on my end!


also to make it clear, the 2.0 file contain all the first pack plus the update right. I dont need to download the 1st one ?

True, the second pack also includes all the sprites of the previous one.

hey again, i finally bought your asset pack and your monsters as well.

I was wondering if it could be possible to add some basic crafting animation :
axe for trees, pickaxe for mining and fishing stick and line for fishing.

That would be amazing and i imagine not very time consuming for you. I also think many people would require such feature nowadys :)


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Hey, thank you very much for shopping. The truth is that I decided not to make specific animations due to the large number of sprites that would have to be animated accordingly, therefore there are no attack animations, but in the latest version I included a small guide/tips to create attack animations in a way simple in your game engine that I think could be used in a similar way for crafting. Anyway I take note and for the next update I will include new objects, such as the fishing rod, mining peak and other crafting tools.


Yeah my bad, by animatin, i mean more having the tools (the animation for mining and wood cutting would be very similar to attack, fishing maybe different).

But yes, having tools and crafting stuff would be a great addition for lots of people i think :)

Thanks for the great work

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Hi, I love the art here you have done it looks really nice. You have done so much! There is a lot here. I do have a question, have you ever thought about doing these in Isometric for like a top down overview? I understand the crapload of work it is to make all these isometric. I would definitely pay extra for that.  

Hey Thank you, There are some who use these assets in their top down rpg games, however the characters are only oriented in a lateral direction, not in different directions such as the typical 4 or 8 of the isometrics. This is something that I discarded when designing this asset pack due to the enormous amount of work involved, to give you an example, the pack includes more than 500 sprites without counting the weapons or the body animations, redoing that in more directions means doubling or triple that amount, which would also lead to a proportional increase in price. I plan to update the package with more content but nothing that involves modifying or adding other views or perspectives. I also do commisioned work, so if you prefer, you could contact me directly to negotiate a custom set that best suits your needs.

hi there. First congrats on the pack, it is really nice art and I will purchase it at some point.
If it goes for sale for sure :)

One question though : do you plan on making more content for it or is it in its final state ?

Thanks, my plans are to make more content for this pack, in fact I already have some ideas for the next update in which I wanted to include pets. But I'll be honest with you, I'm currently short of time, so although I intend to update it, it could take a long time for the next update to arrive.

Well, long time is fine I guess (the game i have in mind is likely a lifetime work so i guess you'll be done before me ^^)

I'm glad you are working on it though and yes pets are a cool idea.
Maybe a boat and chariot ?

Do you plan on doing a sale at some point or join a bundle ?

And thanks for the great work :)

Currently the package includes chariots, I added it in the last update along with the mounts. I usually apply discounts on specific dates.

cool, are the date secrets ?

Or is it cool to let me know when should be next one so i dont miss it ? :)

And for the chariot. Is it the one in the showcase image : the roman like char ?

I was thinking more like a caravan type of charriots.

With that and a boat and if you feel like it (since you have some musqueteers in there i feel the tek lvl would be correct) a ballon or some flying vehicule.

That would offer your customer world map travels with coherent graphics with the rest. Would be cool (definitly not ultra important thought for sure )

There is no secret, proposes it on certain dates or events, I suppose the best way to be informed of that is to subscribe to its newsletter.

I really appreciate those who show their support for my work, so I take their suggestions into consideration when creating new content.


does these characters have attack animations?

Hey, I answered your question previously, check the previous comment from GoodOldGames, there you will see a detailed explanation of how attack animations work ;)

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Hi there, this is a great asset pack.

May I ask what is the license / terms applied to your asset packs?

In addition, may I ask how to animate these characters with melee attacks since you have provided with the slashing and hit effects? (it would be great if you can provide an example).

Thank you!


Hi, this asset pack can be used for any type of project including commercial without any limitation, credits can be offered if deemed appropriate, but it is not mandatory.

As for the attack animation, the fact that the weapon sprites and the effects are separate makes the possibilities are many, it is a matter of creativity and what the game engine offers you. I show you a simple example but it could work well, the weapon sprite is rotated backwards to create an anticipation, in the next frame the weapon sprite is replaced by the hit effect sprite, at the end of the hit animation it is replaced again by the weapon rotated forward, and would end with the starting position. You could even add movement to the character's body to further exaggerate the impact, something basic but effective. But even more could be done by simply rotating, squashing, or stretching the sprites.

If you are interested in discussing it further I could give you some more ideas, in my portal you will find my email address and my discord id in case you want to contact.

Thank you so much for your prompt response and the great example you have provided.

May I suggest to include horses/war horses in the pack for the characters to mount on?  I think this will perfect the asset pack.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the suggestion, in fact it is something I had already thought about, there will be updates with more objects and effects and also one with mounts and pets. Currently I think it is a fairly complete pack but it has just come out of the oven, I will wait to see the support it receives to continue updating.